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Make a claim for your rights.

One thing that I need to point out is that I have no distinction between black, brown, or white individuals. The reason I mentioned the caption in this way, this is the class of people that Chase had decided to bring the most foreclosures and illegal debt notices against. It was during this time that Chase lost a suit with their legal counsel (the same one that filed this) against a class action for collection fraud and illegal credit practices in foreclosures. Most were done to single parents or married and single signatures on the mortgage note. This was noted in the cases reviewed on the internet, not from Chase’s records.

On with the story and how Chase steals a home.

The pool area was finished and we were once again enjoying our children and our grandchildren. Our daughters were busy having children of their own. Our middle daughter had a little girl that had inherited her temperment. Although a very good baby, she was very independant (like her mother) and we enjoyed her and her mother when they stayed with us. Our youngest daughter recently married and had a new baby boy.

After work, grandpa and the boy would sit and watch the news and a movie. The boy soon earned the name of Stinky. Every night we would sit on the sofa and watch tv, he would mess his pants and I would have to get his mother to change him. By this time I was out of the diaper mode. This made life interesting and even 10 years later, this grandson is known as stinky. Now with a total of 12 grandchildren, we have a lot to look back at over the years. Most of the good times, the busy times, and the bad times were comemerated in photographs and movies. The time the 5 year old chased grandma with the salamanders he dug up, or the frogs he found.
Our business had done well enough that all the work done to build the pool, furnish the playroom and stock the bar was paid for out of our pocket. This was our first mistake. We should have financed the work on the house and saved the income to grow the company. We had a customer that was interested in injection molding equipment and setting up a plastics facility. This was something we were very knowledgeable on. We had recently helped sell off the assets of Playschool in Moscow Tn. And we had recently purchased the assets of one plastics plant from Sta-Right Corp in Wisconsin. We were selling plastic molders, compounding lines and extrusion equipment all over the country. We felt very confident that we could complete this transaction. This sale was going to be very cash intensive and require a lot of capital to purchase the items needed to fulfill the purchase order requirement. As most people are aware, a bank loans against your available credit limit. All items that are liabilities count against what you may finance. At this time, we owed very little on our property (under 80,000.) the property had an appraisal of over 350,000.00 and all furnishings belonged to us with no finance against any of it.

This included the 1964 ½ Mustang, The Chevrolet Conversion Van, and my Lincoln Town Car.

I did have my Lincoln Mark 8 and my wife’s new Mitsubishi financed with Bank One at this time. In order to increase my borrowing power, we decided to refinance the home and put it into my wife’s name. This way it did not count against my liabilities. We refinanced the home. We had a contractor install a new roof, windows, and a new front entrance door. (see pictures). The balance of the funds, were used to execute the 5 million dollar purchase order from Green Earth Technology. I went to Bank of New York and borrowed 1,100,000.00 for a manufacturing facility located in Illinois. The facility needed extensive repairs and cost us another 350,000 for repairs. We next moved in the injection molders, from 400 ton to 1000 ton units at a cost of 650,000.00. We also installed a complete reclaim line with a 4 ½ extruder and pelletize system.

We had to install a water re-circulation system for the molders and a vacuum system for the virgin product. The pictures will show some of this. As you can see, this involved a lot of time, a lot of work, and a lot of money. When we received the paperwork on the home mortgage, it was financed with Penn Financial at an extremely high interest rate. We only had the loan for about three months and Penn Fund was no more. The law enforcement officials had arrested the founder and owner of Penn Fund for fraud. (See paperwork) In the next sixty days, we received a notice from Option One. They had taken over the loan servicing from Penn Fund. We then sent our payments to Option One. Within four months, Option One was out and BSC was the new service provider of the loan. This timeframe takes us to Feb of 2000 when Advanta Mortgage became the service provider for the loan. At this point, we were trying to find out what had happened to our payments and when they would catch up to the provider. Please see the letter from Advanta and a copy of the response that was sent certified mail. The date of the letter from Advanta is Feb of 2000. Bank One filed a foreclosure action against the property in April of 2000. Bank One was not the lender, service provider, or was their name mentioned in any of the paperwork that had arrived to date. Nowhere in the paperwork that had arrived, was any notice that the loan had been accelerated, or that a foreclosure suit was in progress. There was never any notice of a lawsuit, foreclosure or pending sale sent to our address as required by law and by our loan documents. I have posted the motto of JP Morgan for the readers to follow as we show how they do not follow their motto and should remove this piece of fictional advertising.

Motto of J.P. Morgan


First-class business in a first-class way

"I have ventured to frame a brief statement of my views on the subject of duties and uses of bankers.The banker is a member of a profession practiced since the middle ages. There has grown up a code of professional ethics and customs, on the observance of which depend his reputation, his fortune, and his usefulness to the community in which he works.Some bankers are not as observant of this code as they should be; but if, in the exercise of his profession, the banker disregards this code - which could never be expressed in legislation, but has a force far greater than any law - he will sacrifice his credit. This credit is his most valuable possession; it is the result of years of fair and honorable dealing and, while it may be quickly lost, once lost cannot be restored for a long time, if ever. The banker must at all times conduct himself so as to justify the confidence of his clients in him and thus preserve it for his successors.

If I may be permitted to speak of the firm of which I have the honour to be senior partner, I should state that at all times the idea of doing only first-class business, and that in a first-class way, has been before our minds. We have never been satisfied with simply keeping within the law, but have constantly sought so to act that we might fully observe the professional code, and so maintain the credit and reputation which has been handed down to us from our predecessors in the firm. Since we have not more power of knowing the future than any other men, we have made many mistakes (who has not during the past five years?), but our mistakes have been errors of judgement and not of principle.The banker must be ready and willing at all times to give advice to his clients to the best of his ability. If he feels unable to give this advice without reference to his own interest he must frankly say so. The belief in the integrity of his advice is a great part of the credit of which I have spoken above, as being the best possession of any firm. Another very important use of the banker is to serve as a channel whereby industry may be provided with capital to meet its needs for expansion and development. To this end the banker can serve well, since, as he has at stake not only his client's interests but his own reputation, he is likely to be specially careful. If he makes a public sale and puts his own name at the foot of the prospectus he has a continuing obligation of the strongest kind to see, so far as he can, that nothing is done which will interfere with the full carrying out by the obligor of the contract with the holder of the security."

J.P. Morgan, Jr., May 23, 1933Excerpt from statement made before the Sub-Committee of the Committee on Banking and Currency of the U.S. Senate.Image: Frank O. Salisbury, portrait of J.P. Morgan, Jr., 1933 (detail). Courtesy of the JPMorgan Chase Archives.


Listed below are your rights and my rights given to us by the Constitution of the United

States. I have listed these for the people who are not aware that JP Morgan and Chase will violate any and all of them if given the chance.

Personal Security (Life):

(1) Not to be killed.

(2) Not to be injured or abused.

Personal Liberty:

(3) To move freely.

(4) To assemble peaceably.

(5) To keep and bear arms.[18]

(6) To assemble in an independent well-disciplined[13] militia.

(7) To communicate with the world.

(8) To express or publish one's opinions or those of others.

(9) To practice one's religion.

(10) To be secure in one's person, house, papers, vehicle[14], and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.

(11) To enjoy privacy in all matters in which the rights of others are not violated.[7]

Private Property:

(12) To acquire, have and use the means necessary to exercise the above natural rights and pursue happiness, specifically including:

(1) A private residence, from which others may be excluded.

(2) Tools needed for one's livelihood.

(3) Personal property, which others may be denied the use of.

(4) Arms suitable for personal and community defense.

Non-natural rights of personhood, created by social contract:

(1) To enter into contracts, and thereby acquire contractual rights, to secure the means to exercise the above natural rights.[1,15]

(2) To enjoy equally the rights, privileges and protections of personhood as established by law.

(3) To petition an official for redress of grievances and get action thereon in accordance with law, subject to the resources available thereto.

(4) To petition a legislator and get consideration thereof, subject to resources available thereto.

(5) To petition a court for redress of grievances and get a decision thereon, subject to resources available thereto.

(6) Not to have one's natural rights individually disabled except through due process of law, which includes:

b) In civil cases:

(1) To trial by an impartial jury from the state and district in which the events took place[1] where the issue in question is either a natural right[1] or property worth more than $20.

(2) In taking of one's property for public use, to be given just compensation therefor.

(3) To have compulsory process for obtaining favorable witnesses.[1]

(c) In all cases:

(1) To have process only upon legal persons able to defend themselves, either natural persons or corporate persons that are represented by a natural person as agent, and who are present, competent, and duly notified, except, in cases of disappearance or abandonment, after public notice and a reasonable period of time.[1]

Next, our house is for Sale.

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  1. While it looks like you may bit off more than you could chew with your business expansion, it appears that that had nothing to do with what is happening. It seems like a case of your loan going from bank to bank to bank, and that probably is more often than not a bad thing.