Saturday, November 14, 2009


In the beginning, around 1990 My Wife and I purchased this home from a local bank. The home having been built by a local contractor was well constructed. The contractor had seen rough times as a result of the 1980's local ecomony. We purchased the home and its faults. The inground pool had froze and cracked the bottom concrete. The water was draining into the basement and flooding the basement. The walls had to be replaced along with the carpet on the floors, the heat, that air system and the water heaters. We moved into the home after repiars to the basement were completed. The home was around 6000 square feet of space on 2 acres of land. The space was comprised of 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, nursery, formal living room, formal dining room, den, family room, kitchen, and breakfast room. We realy needed the space as we had seven children, 3 boys, 4 girls, and when all were home, the house was full. The basement had been turned into offices for our business. During the construction course, the pool bottom was never repaired quite right and we got a pool of water across the basement floor in the heavy rains. This was something we would have to deal with down the road.

Pictures of the home are attached for your viewing. The first picture is showing most of our childrens photo's and part of the family room.

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