Friday, November 13, 2009

Chase Bank commits Financial Murder of Female

Follow along with us as we unfold the story of Chase Bank and Bank One and the illegal foreclosure that they did to a middle age, middle class, mother of seven, small business owner and major bread winner. Not only did they foreclose a mortgage they did not own, they trampled the constitutional rights of the people involved. Follow along with us as we lead you over the last 10 years of our nightmare. We will share with you our good times, our bad times, our deaths, and the new births that have given us hope. We will show how Chase Bank created and administered a fraud on the court system, conspired to commit perjury, conversion, and racketeering. We will prove that Chase Bank and their partners in crime stole and removed the personal property belonging to this family without any court document that gave them this right. Can you say violation of constitution. We would encourage any and all of the readers with a similar or like story to add that to the comment section of the blog. By adding these, all people will understand that this financial institution will walk all over your rights for a penny. Be afraid, be very afraid of this institution they will steal from you and bury you and your rights before you know it.


  1. I want to congratulate you on telling your story. Anyone else out there that is telling their Chase Bank horror story over and over without putting it in writing, you are missing a much bigger audience over the long haul.

    Each blogger that chronicles their Chase Bank experience on the internet will help embolden the media to pursue their own Chase Bank stories.

  2. I see you began posting your story on Loan Safe dot org. One of the responders was wondering why you bolded the part of the story that you did bold.

    I think they make a good point. Nowadays, it does not matter what color the person is, if they were unfairly harmed by the bank, that is what matter most. Sorry I did not catch that. I personally did not care one way or another because I already knew about your story, but others, hearing it for the first time, could find it odd.